Submission Guidelines

The FYI Informer and are always accepting submissions of events, programming and job/volunteer opportunities for publication. In order to speed up publication and ensure that all entries are accurately published, please follow these guidelines.

  1. FYI Informer is meant for parents and teachers, while the website and associated social media accounts are meant for youth and students. Please keep this in mind when submitting.
  2. Submit as soon as possible! Aim to submit content at least four days before an event, deadline, etc.
  3. Fliers as submissions WILL NOT be accepted. Please take the time to write out all information. Fliers can be included as attachments for download, but fliers alone will not be accepted as a submission.
    1. All entries submitted must be written in complete sentences as they should appear in the publication. Both outlets prefer a news/informational style as opposed to promotional/sales style.
  4. Submissions MUST have the following:
    1. Name and description of event/program/opportunity
    2. Time, date and location (for events and programs)
    3. Location, requirements, due dates (for job/volunteer opportunities)
    4. Contact information (email at the very least, but telephone number would also be appreciated)
  5. Photos may be included with submissions. They must have either a .jpg or .png extension. Photos embedded in Word documents or PDFs CANNOT be used.
  6. Youth may submit events or programming, however they must include the contact information from someone over the age of 18.