Programming: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Youth Empowerment Services provides youth and young adults with mentors, life skills/job readiness development, community service opportunities, education and career counseling, and much more.

BOTW was born out of the need for youth in the community to have access to programming, services and adults where they live, and is dedicated to the positive development of youth through mentoring, empowering programming and leadership development.

The youth and young adults that BOTW serve are between the ages of 2 and 24 and may:

  • Have a parent or other family member incarcerated
  • Have been incarcerated themselves
  • Have suffered the loss of a parent
  • Be teen parents
  • Be drop-outs/expelled or undereducated
  • Have HIV/AIDS or other STDs
  • Have been or currently are homeless
  • Have experienced violence
  • Have lost peers or loved ones to violence
  • Lack activities or safe spaces

BOTW is located at

119 Church St., Suite 220-224
Ferguson, Mo. 63135

Find out more by emailing, calling 314-524-1211 or checking out their new Facebook page.

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