FFSD Guardian Angels

The Ferguson-Florissant School District (FFSD) has many families & children that struggle with poverty. These students have the same needs as all other children in the district. Often when students need things like glasses, clothing, school supplies, etc, FFSD can fill that need through existing resources and agencies in the St. Louis & North County area.

Occasionally, a student has a need that falls through the gaps. This need could be anything from an immediate need for a pair of size three shoes, wound dressing for a quadriplegic student, one night emergency shelter for a family, etc. When there are no other answers, FFSD has Guardian Angels. First, the rules….

  1. GUARDIAN ANGELS ARE VOLUNTARY. – This is a program that is purely voluntary. In fact, you must contact Steve Weeks by email sweeks @ fergflor.org to sign up.
  2. GUARDIAN ANGELS ARE NOT RICH. – The limit on a Guardian Angel request is $35. Things like utility bills, rental assist, etc, are beyond the scope and limits of this program. GA’s are utilized a maximum of once per school year unless otherwise directed by the Angel.
  3. GUARDIAN ANGELS ARE ALTRUISTIC. – The Guardian Angels realize that helping a child in dire need is a selfless act, something that lives on and is immortal.
  4. GUARDIAN ANGELS ARE NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS. – Any child or family that you assist is from YOUR school or YOUR neighborhood, not a different municipality or school that you have no connection or investment with. All assistance is done discretely AND confidentially. Circumstances and info about the need is provided but student names are not. FFSD also does not share the names of Guardian Angels, but you are welcome to proudly share with others that you are, in fact, an Angel!
  5. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL PROGRAM IS TRANSPARENT. – No money is accepted nor sent to me, only items of need, such as articles of clothing, a grocery card, etc. 100% of all items go directly to the student or family. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS TAKEN / RECEIVED FROM OUR ANGELS.


Anyone can sign on as a Guardian Angel.  This can be individuals, business, churches, departments, clubs/social organizations, etc. Once someone sends Mr. Weeks an email, he acknowledges the email and the person is inscribed into their Book of Angels (yes, really!). After that, the GA simply waits to see if a need arises in their school or community. If a vetted need arises that is unable to be filled in any other manner within what is a reasonable time frame, Mr. Weeks sends an email or calls the GA to explain the need. The GA always has the option of accepting or declining the request. The GA would then provide the item needed or work with Mr. Weeks to arrange for the need to be met.

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