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whats-next-jpgWhat’s Next for FYI?

FYI and the Youth Advisory Board are constantly thinking of ideas to better serve the youth of the Ferguson community.  Some ideas are easy to accomplish and others take some effort and a lot of time BUT all could use your help.

Strategic Plan – On Saturday January 12th, 18 supporters spent there Saturday morning discussing possible visions for the future of FYI during a Strategic Planning Session. Visions ranged from recreation programs to a youth center to a youth poetry slam to youth campaign to bring a frozen yogurt shop to Ferguson. The activities below are currently being explored and planned.    See an activity where you want to help out, please contact fergusonyouth@gmail.com. And for a visual timeline of these activities, click here.

    • FYI – Spot 394– FYI is hosting a youth event – a mock youth center – three times this year.  It’s an event for teens 13-18 years old and travels to three different places in Ferguson.
    • FYI – Ferguson Community Service Program (FCSP) – FCSP will allow individuals under the age of 21 to complete community service projects in lieu of paying those fines.
    • Trash to Treasure – outfitting the firehouse facility with the necessary furniture and programming spaces by using recycled materials and products
    • FYI Operating Structure – developing the umbrella operating structure of the initiative including the appointment of teacher liaisons at the schools.
    • FYI Youth Summit & Youth Leadership Program – includes Advocacy, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, and Apprenticeship – It has been two years since the first youth summit.  Loads of information was obtained at this summit and another summit is needed to engage the next round of youth as well as obtain feedback on how FYI has been doing.  The thought would be to hold this summit in the Fall of 2013 at the latest and have it feed it into a monthly Youth Empowerment Series with the help of different youth organizations throughout Ferguson and North County.
    • Youth Recreation Program – developing a youth recreation program housed out of new community center.
    • Grant Writers – Volunteers are needed to write grants for FYI programs and operations including full-time coordinator.  This effort you can do from the comfort of your home … some grants we have identified and we could use your help to identify others.  Status – Waiting on you to help.  Email fergusonyouth@gmail.com.
    • Open Arts in partnership with NAC  – Click here for more information.
These programs are a few years out since they might need further discussion to implement:
  • Middle School University  – includes a 6th Grade Transition Program and a Parent Program
  • Youth Business Venture ( Yogurt Shop, Food Branding, etc)

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