Orchestrating Diversity

SAM_1869 SAM_1905Orchestrating Diversity; El Sistema St. Louis is a social change program

which implements hands-on orchestral music education, bringing high quality

instruction to youth age 4 -18 with no financial or educational

barriers. The goal is to welcome all St. Louis youth into the transformative

experience of performing world class music. In so doing we hope to create a

new role for this music in the healing of our city’s economic and racial inequity.


We seek to assist students in developing a sense of self-worth and

empowerment, as they gain discipline that comes from the self-actualizing

process of playing music. We promote an environment of cooperation where

students help one another learn the often difficult material, enhancing

teamwork in a racially/culturally diverse context. The classes we offer

include music theory, history, piano skills, and ear training. Students also

receive private lessons on their instrument and master classes with

professional performers.


If you have a child you would like to enroll in the program, you have an

instrument you would like to donate, or you would like to assist our mission in

some other way please contact us at lnac.orch@gmail.com or by phone 919-618-2126.

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