giveSTLDay – Thank You for your Support


On May 6, 2014,  many in the St. Louis area took the time out of the day to support local non-profit organizations.  The Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI) was one of the non-profits that benefited from more than 13,000 donations made during this 24-hour period.  The first GiveSTLday was a huge success.  We thank everyone who provided a donation to FYI. We raised $655 in one day!

The Ferguson Youth Initiative is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization serving the youth of the Ferguson community by encouraging them and engaging them as active members of the community, developing programs as needed, and further communicating and partnering with existing community youth programs.

With their donation, they provided essential funds to help us continue the efforts to engage and provide enriching programs for youth like:

  • Spot 394 – an event for 13-18 years old youth,
  • Open Arts – an opportunity for teens to be creative and showcase their talents in front of their peers and families;
  • 2nd Saturday – an open and collaborative space for youth to express their ideas and stories through  the arts;
  • Earn-A-Bike – a program for youth to learn bicycle skills and earn a bike after six weeks of instruction;
  • Ferguson Community Service Program (FCSP) – a service learning program for older teens.

Thank you again.

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