St. Louis ArtWorks – Video Apprentice Program

Fullscreen capture 822014 33140 PMSince 1995, over 2600 apprentices from the St. Louis area have experienced arts education and work place training from professional teaching artists and staff at St. Louis ArtWorks. In their year round programming, apprentices gain experience in creating both individual and group works of art, create and build their resumes and art portfolios, and participate in experiential training designed to prepare them to be successful adults in the 21st century.

In Spring 2014, FYI had two youth who participated in creating a short film about The Ville neighborhood.  They, along with the other apprentices, learned appropriate interview and editing techniques.  Here is what one youth had to say about her experience:

“During the 12 weeks at St. Louis Artworks I’ve learned a lot. From setting up a interview room with cameras and light to editing pictures and videos. They’ve taught us a lot in a very limited time. I think it was a wonderful learning opportunity and I would love to go back and learn more. The working environment is very welcoming and interactive so no one was left out. What I’ve learned from working at St. Louis Artworks has taken me a step closer to the career I’m going into – Media Studies.”

Here is the link for the video for the Ville that the youth worked on …

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