Ribbons of Hope



“Ribbons of HOPE for Ferguson” is a collaborative community art project. It invites people from Ferguson (and beyond) to look toward the future in a creative project and process. Individuals are invited to write their hopes and wishes for Ferguson’s future, as well as their own community’s future. Ribbons of HOPE provides a “safe space” for people to reflect, CONNECT, commune, relate and exchange dialogue.

Actual ribbons for the “Ribbons of HOPE for Ferguson” community arts project have been created at various sites throughout the community, beginning at the Ferguson Farmers Market several weeks ago. Local youth with the Ferguson Youth Initiative and the Ferguson Community Service Program have been instrumental in creating, gathering and displaying ribbons throughout the past 2+ months. While stringing and displaying ribbons, youth and volunteers have gathered ribbons with messages by passers-by at both sites along West Florissant Avenue as well as South Florissant Road.

Ribbons of HOPE for Ferguson is a partnership of the Adolescent Resource Center (a program of Queen of Peace Center), the Northern Arts Council, Ferguson Youth Initiative, Provident Counseling and the Missouri Art Therapy Association.

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For a Video about the project, click here:


For a news article, click here .. http://www.stltoday.com/news/opinion/mailbag/ribbons-of-hope-for-ferguson/article_dc6936ec-4bb6-5b76-805c-19be76376020.html



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