Project 16 – Ferguson Scholarships

Project 16 started as an idea in which I decided I wanted to help “give back”. With the help and support of my family and friends, we are raising scholarship funds to give to the graduating class of 2015 of the Ferguson-Florissant school district. In order to attain our goal, we will be hosting a dance in which we will be charging admissions, having silent auctions, selling raffle tickets, and more in order to raise the money. We will also have live music, photographers, and food.

In order for us to have the dance and make it a success, we need to raise money to pay for the decor, entertainment, and food expenses. We are also in need of items for the silent auction. And most importantly, we need funding for the actual scholarship. Our goal is to reach a minimum of six thousand dollars to be evenly distributed between student(s) chosen from each high school. Selected by a committee in the district, scholarship checks will be mailed to the college the student will attend. By achieving all of this, we can host a night the guests of the dance will never forget, send a message of hope, and enrich the lives of others.

Your support is requested:.

  • If you have an auction item, contact me at
  • If you would like to make a contribution, mail checks to Project 16 to Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation, 319 North Fourth St. Suite 300 St. Louis, MO 63102.
  • To contribute online, go to, click Give Today, enter your amount and type Project 16 in the “other” field. Gifts are considered charitable contributions for tax purposes. for questions about gifts to Project 16.
  • There is also a GoFundMe page !.

Not only are schools teaching the present young people of the world, but with the continuation of their education, these future leaders of tomorrow will not just only have the ability to change their lives, but the lives around them as well. Just as you do with a ladder with rungs, these students can keep climbing in their education with the sky as the limit.

Thank you for your time and consideration for helping make Project 16 a success.

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