ONE Love Mural Installation

On Saturday, Jan 31st, volunteers installed panels from the
ONE LOVE mural around Ferguson.


Project Mural was a collaborative art project connecting teens in Ferguson and surrounding communities. The mural is made up of eight total panels titled: O-N-E-L-O-V-E with a heart as the eighth panel.

Over the course of three weeks in October, participants self-expressed with bold colors to illustrate a harmonious, colorful abstract mural. The project was open to teens between the ages of 13 to19; experienced artists and those new to painting.

Project Mural was initiated by St. Louis artist Annie Martineau in collaboration with the Ferguson Youth Initiative, with support from the Northern Arts Council and the Adolescent Resource Center, as a mode of self-expression for area youth.

Based on the input of the youth that participated in the project, each of the eight panels is temporarily displayed at eight different locations throughout Ferguson encouraging movement within the City.  Through the explosion of color our goal is to have the mural act as a subtle connecter of our sprawling six miles.

Take a self-guided tour of Ferguson by visiting each Project Mural location.


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