TEENS! The National Youth Summit 2015 Welcomes YOU!!



“Welcome to the National Youth Summit on Justice, Education and the US Economy: Confronting Challenges of 21st Century Youth, an effort of The Ethics Project in conjunction with the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL). Beginning with the opening dinner reception and documentary with Ambassador Andrew Young at 6:00 p.m. on April 16th and continuing for two full days on 17th and 18th, 2015, 1600 talented and intellectually gifted high school student leaders and college freshmen from cities across the United States will meet in St. Louis, Missouri to work with leading national educators, civic leaders and economists from business, agencies and universities. During the Summit students will:

  • Create a model of discipline based on inherent strengths
  • Develop innovative and inclusive economic strategies
  • Prepare an executive summary to be presented to President Obama
  • Meet and learn from national historic figures
  • Work with business coaches such as Maxine Clark, founder and former CEO of Build-a-Bear Corporation and Dr. Lance McCarthy the co-founder of the Black Silicon Valley
  • Learn best practices
  • Examine the school to prison pipeline
  • Engage in a service activity


Students will hear keynote addresses in the state of the art Touhill Performing Arts Center and attend workshops in classrooms on the campus of UMSL. Out of town students and chaperones from their school district will stay at one of three major hotels chains near campus, or have the option of other selected hotels. Ground transportation and all meals and snacks are included in the cost of registration for out of town students.


Accommodations: Out of town school students will be provided transportation from the Drury Inn Airport. Reservations should be made as soon as possible to assure reservations. Group rates are no longer available. Using a discount site such as Expedia, Travelocity or Priceline may provide the cheapest rates. Should you be unable to make reservations, please contact us for additional hotel locations where transportation will be provided. For information on the Drury Inn Airport click the link below. Thanks to corporate support the registration fee has been reduced to $75 for out of town students and $25 for local students. Local students receive lunch and snack. Transportation is not included.

Drury Inn Airport: https://wwws.druryhotels.com/


Additional information is available at:   The National Youth Summit – http://www.thenys.com/ –   The Touhill – http://www.touhill.org/   UMSL – http://www.umsl.edu/ –    St. Louis – http://explorestlouis.com/


Students from all backgrounds, regardless of academic or disciplinary record, are encouraged to participate.





     FAQS From  NYS!


  1. What are the qualifications for participation in The National Youth Summit?

Ans: We are looking for high school students in their sophomore, junior or senior year who have exhibited strong leadership skills, strong intellectual ability and a desire to create positive change in their school environment.


  1. Will I be able to participate if my grades are below average?

Ans: Yes. Grades do not measure intelligence, thus poor grades will not eliminate you from consideration. We are    looking for students who have the ability to excel and lead others to do the same. Past performance is irrelevant.


  1. Will I still be able to participate if I’ve had past suspensions?

Ans: Yes. We are looking for talented students regardless of past academic or behavioral record. We do, however,  expect appropriate behavior both at school and while participating in the Summit.


  1. My family can not afford the registration fees and travel costs. How will I be able to attend?

Ans: Thanks to the generoisty of Wells Fargo Advisers and other corporations, registration fees have been discounted. Part of the learning experience of The National Youth Summit is to rethink economic possibilities. We also strongly encourage students to reach out to family, friends and local businesses to assist and contribute to your attendance at this summit. Any money raised in excess of your registration fees, hotel cost and transportation to and from the Summit should be used for college or professional school tuition or for a business investment


  1. Do I have to find my own chaperone?

Ans: No. School principals or counselors will choose student participants from high schools within your district.  Chaperones will be selected by the district to accompany those students in your group. Students being registered individually may request a chaperone via The National Youth Summit.


  1. Will I be allowed to stay with a family member or friend while in St. Louis?

Ans: Out of town students will be required to stay with their chaperone at all times. There are both single and


double hotel rooms that will allow you to prioritize your stay based on privacy or cost.


  1. When are the registration fees and hotel reservations due?

Ans: Registration deadline is April 2nd. You should register and reserve your hotel room as quickly as possible.


  1. Will I need additional money while in St. Louis?

Ans: Your registration fee covers your materials, books, workshops, dinner reception on the 16th, three meals each day on the 17th and 18th, snacks and ground transportation from the hotel to the campus and back. Spending change is optional.


  1. When does the Summit actually begin?

Ans: Students are expected to arrive in St. Louis and checking into their hotels no later than 3:00 p.m. on April 16th. A bus will pick up out of town students from the Drury Inn AIrport at 5:00 for dinner reception and the opening session with US Ambassador Andrew Young and other national historical figures. Workshops and plenary sessions begin the next morning at 9:00 a.m.

Additional information is available at www.TheNYS.org  

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