What Is The Youth Advisory Board About?

The city created a Youth Advisory Board to facilitate the involvement of young people in government processes in order to receive a youth perspective on issues which affect the city as a whole. Through the board, the city additionally seeks to empower youth to participate in improving their quality of life in the community. The Ferguson Youth Advisory Board (FYAB) will provide insight and feedback on issues relating to youth within city ordinances, long range planning and city-sponsored activities.

 Interested in Applying?

How to Get Started:

  • Members shall have resided within the limits of the City of Ferguson for a period of one (1) year prior to the appointment and must remain a resident throughout his or her term.

  • Every youth must have successfully completed the seventh (7th) grade and shall have neither graduated from high school nor reach his or her nineteenth (19th) birthday.

Expectations and Responsibilities

As a board member, you represent Ferguson as well as the City of Ferguson; therefore there are expectations and responsibilities that come with serving as a board member. Failure to follow any of these may lead to your dismissal on the board.

Meetings and Events – We have one meeting a month, with youth activities/events planned throughout the year. It is expected that you attend and show up on time to every meeting and event. If for some reason you cannot attend, you must contact one of the adult representatives in advance. Three absences can lead to dismissal from board.

Volunteering – Volunteering is essential for the success of this organization, and as a board member you are our first line of our volunteers. Volunteering at events will be part of your duty as a board member. Additionally helping in promotion of the organization and events will be expected of board members periodically.

Communication – Communication is very important to make this board and organization run seamlessly. As a board member you are expected to play an integral role in communication and help increase our range by sharing FYI activities with your friends and encouraging them to participate. If you have trouble with receiving communication or have a suggestion in other methods, contact an adult representative.






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