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We are pleased to announce that proceeds from the sale of this children’s book benefit FYI.


The author, Camille Lo Bianco, is a senior in high school. Besides writing, she enjoys the performing arts, traveling and languages. As a member of a minority group, Camille aims to contribute to society’s understanding of different cultures, and is an avid member of community service projects.
“At a time when media so heavily influences children, it is easy for them to forget that beauty is not only found in physical appearance, but is prevalent in their actions: beauty is found on the inside. I have always felt passionately about giving back to my community, and believe that even the smallest impact has the power to make a difference. When I discovered the Ferguson Youth Initiative, I realized its goals were similar to my own- to encourage a sense of pride and self-confidence in people, and to establish an environment that supports those people and what they stand for. I wrote this book as a reminder to not “judge a book by its cover” and to embrace yourself for who you are. I hope this book not only inspires all people to love themselves, but also serves as a way to further unite our community.”
51f22auHhiLExcerpt from book: When Plum is taken to a new home, she feels sad and lonely. Plum is self concious about her dark purple colors, and the other fruit often tease her. Then Plum meets Peach, and a true friendship unfolds. Will Peach be able to show Plum how beautiful she really is? The Peach and the Plum is an endearing story about friendship and inner beauty sure to appeal to all ages.
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