Next Steps starts September 2015

FYI Next Steps Flyer
The Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI) and their program partner, College Summit Missouri, are proposing the Next Steps program to provide teens (ages 15 to 19) skills in career readiness, job discovery, financing their future, and entry into a postsecondary institution. Next Steps will connect teens facing employment barriers to local opportunities of employment and provide job skills and strategies. This program will also expose teens to various professions through interaction with business professionals.
The Next Steps program will include monthly workshops that focus on preparing bios, resumes, interviewing techniques and professional behavior. Next Steps will offer teens an introduction to local businesses seeking summer employment and internships. Upon teens gaining employment, mentors will provide additional instruction on maintaining employment.  Financial literacy workshops will instruct teens on maintaining budgets and investment. The program will also address different school and employment options and opportunities based on the teen’s career thoughts, offer guest speakers, and provide trips to postsecondary institutions and places of employment.

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