#ferg365 – capturing history every day of the year



Be Heard * Be Seen * Be A Part of History

Share your views every day of the year by capturing and sharing what you see, what you think, and what you want to see happen in your community.

  • Share “What’s on your mind?” on Facebook tagging @FergYouthInitiative including #ferg365

  • Tweet “What’s happening?” in your world in 140 characters leaving room for #ferg365

  • Post a picture of you on Instagram of the different facets of your days and tag #ferg365

  • Video a Vine of actions that need to be shared and communicated and tag #ferg36

  • And of course, there is YouTube.

Your shares will be added to a page on our website, showcased in different media at FYI’s Open Arts, and eventually collected into one book, one film, or one documentary that showcases Ferguson in life of youth over 365 days …

Need an incentive beyond being a part of history?

We will calculate the most likes, re-tweets, or shares for each person’s #ferg365 tag on the different social media platforms mentioned above over the course of a month.  Every month, the individuals with the most liked will receive a gift certificate to a local business or some other prize.  Entries with profanity  or derogatory language will be disqualified and blocked.

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