Party With A Purpose

12279246_885844661492673_436933635450458265_n (1)Hosted by the Ferguson Youth Advisory Board and the Ferguson Youth Initiative, the 2015 Party with a Purpose (PWAP) on November 20, 2015 was an opportunity for teens (13-19 years old) to share information on what priorities FYI should focus on to continue enriching the lives on young people in the community ALL in a party atmosphere.

Members of the planning committee stressed the importance of PWAP being fun and being completely teen focused. From the beginning, the teens wanted the party to be the focus with the purpose intertwined. Adults are invited to volunteer and support the activities however they are asked not to participate in the events. The hope is for this format to allow teens to share their voices openly and provide feedback on what they want to see in the community for teens. There will be spaces just for teens to discuss important issues, teen led activities, incentives / giveaways, food, and teen performances during the party.



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