The Ferguson Youth Initiative collaborates with the City of Ferguson, and other community organizations and persons, to provide programming designed to benefit the social, academic, artistic, and professional growth of Ferguson youth, and surrounding areas. 

Earn A Bike –  Every young person who desires to have a bike, deserves one! Here at FYI, young people earn a free bike simply by learning about bicycle safety and maintenance.

EarnAComputer – During this six week program, kids are taught goal setting skills and to top it off, they earn a free computer!

Ferguson Community Service Program – A program in Ferguson that gives teens a chance! We’re all human, and as humans, it’s natural to make mistakes. Instead of getting a ticket or going to jail, FYI provides youth with a chance to perform mentor guided service work! Appropriate counseling and invitations to positive activities are also offered!

FYI Backbay Drop-In & Drop-By Program provides an open house at the FYI Backbay for free standing and structured Creative Circles. Youth have access to computers, tutors, and art materials along with a space to work and play games.

SLAM – An open mic night just for young people! Once every month, we give young people the mic, the stage and/or whatever platform needed. We welcome art in all forms: Painting, Singing karaoke, Singing/Rapping original music, poetry, cooking demos and more!

Next Steps instructs teens (ages 15 to 19) in the necessary steps to gain and sustain employment in addition to equipping them with college planning strategies.

Spot 394 transforms facilities into a pop-up youth center where young people can play games, listen to music, and engage in other youth-centric activities.

Youth Entrepreneurship Program – an immersive summer program designed to help youth, ages 12 – 14, to gain experience and transferable skills as an entrepreneur.

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