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Ferguson Community Service Program (FCSP) provides youth an opportunity  to perform mentor guided service work in place of incarceration or fines for misdemeanors, or as a condition of probation; to receive through its partners, support, counseling, case-management and mentoring to address behavioral and mental wellness, substance use, social, family, education and work related issues; and to be included in positive youth-directed activities through community participation and peer mentoring.

Mission Statement: To create a collaboration of all stakeholders in Ferguson, Missouri that demonstrates and includes youth and young adults in the values of responsibility and accountability in a constructive community service program.

The Ferguson Community Service Program (FCSP) is a partnership of the Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI), Adolescent Resource Center (ARC), a program of Queen of Peace Center, Provident Counseling, and the City of Ferguson. FCSP works cooperatively with the Ferguson Municipal Court to provide young people opportunities to perform mentor-guided service work in lieu of incarceration or fines for misdemeanors; to receive, through its partners, any psychological, substance use, including prevention related, and/or family counseling, accompanied by referral supports as deemed appropriate; and to receive guided inclusion in positive youth-directed activities, professional and/or adult and peer mentoring through partners of FCSP.


  1. To provide young people mentoring, job skill training, counseling and related supportive services as needed, along with the opportunity to make restitution for mistakes through adult supervision, counseling and mentoring as it removes punitive consequences.
  2. To provide services to the City of Ferguson, its residents, businesses, schools and churches that will enhance and improve our infrastructure through cooperation, respect, and shared work.
  3. By doing community service work, youth learn valuable lessons in responsibility, accountability, and consequences for their actions.

This program currently serves youth and young adults ages 17-20 years of age. If you, or someone you know is interested, please email FCSP at or call 314-749-5379.

4 comments on “Community Service Program
  1. Rep. Walton gray has filed legislation similar to this program and has some questions regarding the implementation of this program. I would like to speak with some regarding such.

  2. I am a Ferguson resident and my son as gotten into so trouble and i am looking for a mentor program for him to get in asap

  3. My family just recently moved to ferguson, I really need information on your. mentor progam, community service and teaching our youth to be successful men, my son is sixteen and I really believe this program is petfect for him.

  4. Hi Regina,

    Please call our offices at 314.494.4762 someone will be more than happy to answer your questions.



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