SLAM offers young people inviting and positive opportunities to connect with others through healthy, creative expression and recreation on a monthly basis. Young people gather to witness professional artists in action. Guests are also able to learn techniques & try their hand in it. Basically, SLAM is an open mic night just for young people! Once every month, we give young people the mic, the stage and/or whatever platform needed. We welcome art in all forms: Painting, Singing karaoke, Singing / Rapping original music, poetry, cooking demos and more! Join us at the meeting to get in where you would like and also join us for SLAM!

SLAM is set to showcase Creative Youth: Live from Ferguson! on the first Friday of every month.


Open Arts will includes Open Mic performances in the Backbay and an Open Art Studio in the Youth Lounge. Want to participate, please email FYI.

Open Arts




Partners included the Northern Arts Council, the American School of Music and America SCORES.

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