Youth Entrepreneurship Program

FYI’S  Youth Entrepreneurship Program (Making It) is a unique program that teaches youth, ages 12 – 14, valuable entrepreneurial skills and experiences. FYI’s youth entrepreneurs bake, bag and market iBones— squirrel-shaped gourmet dog bones! The iBones name is trademarked and registered. What dog wouldn’t like to eat a squirrel?! And, thanks to the Rally Squirrel, they are sold out in turnaround time.

The treats are available at the Ferguson Farmers’ Market. Many businesses also carry these delectable treats in jars as handouts to their customers’ dogs and by the bag. FYI’s youth entrepreneurs also sell ARF SCARVES, featuring St. Louis’ favorite teams—  The St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues! Holiday-themed arf scarves are also available for purchase.

For more information contact Aaron at 314.749.5379, or